Having the best support network is key to success. Sidekick offer a safe, secure team of people that you can depend on.

At Sidekick we are the first to recognise, that if we can help with any issues and concerns a player or manager might have off the pitch - and alleviate these problems for them - then they have the best chance of maximising their full potential on it.

Relocation Services

Support Services - Sidekick Management

We assist from start to finish in sourcing and moving our clients into suitable accommodation for them and their families, guaranteeing a smooth transition into the new place that they will call ‘home’.

Translation Services

Support Services - Sidekick Management

With the influx of foreign players into the UK market, Sidekick understands the need and pressure on players to learn English quickly. We have the contacts all across the UK to provide personal translation services and English lessons to help expedite the adaption process.

Career-ending Insurance

Support Services - Sidekick Management

Protecting your income is essential. Sidekick works alongside industry- leading insurance specialists in securing the best cover possible.

Specialist Car Insurance

Support Services - Sidekick Management

Car insurance for any athlete can be extortionate. Sidekick has some excellent contacts in this field and will actively assist you in sourcing the best and most cost-effective policy to suit your requirements.

Sidekick Management offer a range of professional player services - Social Media & PR - Support Services - Legal Services.