In the big world of football, it is paramount that the correct image of you is depicted to the public on all platforms.

We work alongside trusted contacts in the media, so as to ensure an accurate portrayal of you as an individual and as a footballer is communicated. Sidekick works in partnership with experts in the social media field to attract a greater online following and, in turn, drive commercial opportunities the way of our clients.

Social Media Management

Social Media & PR - Sidekick Management

In the modern era, players are often posting content that can come back to haunt them. Sidekick can help ensure that social media accounts are managed safely and effectively.

Traditional Media Management

Social Media & PR - Sidekick Management

Sidekick has excellent contacts in the media to help promote the positive elements of your career both on and off the pitch, whilst simultaneously managing any adverse press.

Promoting the right ‘image’

Social Media & PR - Sidekick Management

Sidekick understands how important the ‘character’ of a player is in a club’s recruitment policy. With increasing online profiling, Sidekick works tirelessly to help promote a positive image for our clients, that will, in turn, attract both clubs and sponsors.

Fan Engagement

Social Media & PR - Sidekick Management

As you experience greater success in your career, your following on social media outlets (such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) will invariably increase and become more important. Sidekick can help to manage this expansion in order to drive sponsorship and endorsement opportunities your way.

Sidekick Management offer a range of professional player services - Social Media & PR - Support Services - Legal Services.