Unlike most other agencies, Sidekick provides a bespoke and specialist representation service.

We specifically operate with a low number of clients per agent, so as to offer a far more personal relationship. This means that our full attention and focus can be given to you.

Our clients get more time and attention than they would at other agencies because of our motivation and drive to succeed. We constantly deliver on many different levels based on the needs and demands at each stage of the player’s career.

Career Strategy / Strategic Planning

Sidekick Management - Player Representation

“Always plan ahead, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” (Richard Cushing). At Sidekick Management ‘luck’ presents itself in the form of thoughtful strategic planning to help you make the most of your career, avoiding the potential pitfalls.

Transfers / Loans / Renegotiations

Sidekick Management - Player Representation

We have a proven track record for delivering outstanding results for our clients. With over 40 years collectively in the industry, we have extremely strong negotiating skills and have completed over 1000 permanent transfers, loans or contract renegotiations.

Relationships with clubs

Sidekick Management - Player & Manager Representation

At Sidekick we have an outstanding reputation with clubs which has been cultivated through consistent delivery of results for players, managers and coaches.

Contract Negotiations

Player Representation at Sidekick Management

Operating with the highest levels of discretion and integrity, Sidekick is renowned for being a leading choice of agency for clubs to deal with in the UK.

Matt Kleinman - Sidekick Management

"One piece of advice we offer to our young and even our more experienced professionals is the importance of trusting your representation and their team. Surrounding yourself with a team you trust is key to success."
Matt Kleinman - Sidekick Management
Sidekick Management offer a range of professional player services - Social Media & PR - Support Services - Legal Services.