At Sidekick, we want to remain part of your future beyond your playing days and are perfectly positioned to provide you with the support, skill-set and network required to pursue any further career that you may choose.

We have a calculated and proactive approach towards your life after football by working openly with you to carefully plan and create options in advance for the end of your playing career.

Public Speaking

Post career public speaking - Sidekick Management

We work alongside industry leaders in the public speaking arena. Be it after dinner talks or pitching for new business, we have the people to provide the necessary training in this field.

Further Education

Further Education with Sidekick Management

Working in conjunction with the PFA, Sidekick will assist with any further learning programme that you wish to undertake, e.g. Sports Management degree.

Business Development

Sidekick Management supporting you with business developement

We are here to provide the support and advice to help you pursue any business opportunity both during and post-career.

Football related opportunities

Football related opportunities with Sidekick Management

Ranging from media training to coaching qualifications, we have the necessary relationships to help guide and shape your post-playing career.

Sidekick Management offer a range of professional player services - Social Media & PR - Support Services - Legal Services.