In the increasingly litigious world within which we live, we believe it is essential to have access to the best advice and support of an established and credible legal team.

Sidekick works with only the very best sports lawyers in the UK who have a tried and tested track record of delivering outstanding results for its clients.

Image Rights Contracts

Legal Services at Sidekick Management

Image Rights contracts have become a key feature in maximizing the income of top level professionals. Sidekick has the expertise in this field and the experience of having set up a number of image rights contracts over the years.

Agreements and Settlements

Legal Services at Sidekick Management

Compromise agreements or settlements can occur when a player and club seek to part company during the contract term. Sidekick has a track record of dealing with such matters and seeking an amicable resolution in all instances.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Legal Services at Sidekick Management

Making sure your family is secure is important. Sidekick has access to a specialist will writing company who will tailor a policy to the requirements of the client.

General Legal Advice

Legal Services at Sidekick Management

From time to time general legal advice is required. We have an excellent team of lawyers and solicitors to provide the best service possible, we are here to help.

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